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The Artists’ Rapid Response Team (ARRT!), like many people who create at the intersection of politics and art, has the occasional soapbox to get on (when not soul-searching and funding-searching, etc.).  Especially in the United States, where voicing political opinions is considered somehow both uncouth and in need of “equal-time” objectivity, it can be an act of bravery, career suicide, and/or refreshing to write somewhere like this — direct from the political artist’s heart.  This blog will venture into the Don Quixote terrain of what it means to create directly from political truths — as well as to examine the opposite end of the spectrum — how work based on aesthetics creates political import…and most of all, where do these two starting places converge?




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  1. The relentless cycle of bad news, the politics of greed and the clear and sinking knowledge that the soul of America is rapidly disappearing felt like a terrible weight to carry. Many years of attending meetings and participating in marches didn’t lift my hopes. ARRT!’s process of collaboration in image making, of working together to define the essence of a message in visual terms, is a joyous, hopeful and extremely useful endeavor. As a visual artist and activist I feel like I’m using my expertise to assist hard working inspiring people who are out there fighting the good fight for our American soul. Did I mention howuch fun we have in the process? Yeah ARRT! Thanks Anita and Matt for the work on creating the web site.

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